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iconDate: 05/24/2015, 07:03:52 PM CDT
Name: Cheerleader
From: RI
Email: Cheerleader

What's the date & time for makeup tryouts?

You can come by Friday, July 10 @ 6 pm!! We are there until 8 .. this is at our Providence location!! See you then!

iconDate: 05/24/2015, 07:00:40 PM CDT
Name: Larissa
From: RI
Email: Larissa

I missed the tryouts on Saturday and I was wondering if there were make up tryouts and if so what time?

You can come by Wednesday, May 27 @ 6 pm!! We are there until 8 ..This is at our Providence location.. See you then! 

iconDate: 05/22/2015, 12:15:37 AM CDT
Name: Cheerleader
From: Cranston
Email: Cheerleader

Is there an age limit to cheer here ? I'm 21, with no tumble experience, but I don't want to be put on a team with girls who are much younger than me.

No there is not ! Stop by at one of our registrations or our OPEN GYMS on Wednesdays! 

iconDate: 05/18/2015, 05:18:29 PM CDT
Name: laren debout
From: prov. RI
Email: N/A

I cant wait to cheer at your gym! Ive been begging my mom to join your program, and learn the cheer life.

Come on over !!  

iconDate: 05/18/2015, 03:35:56 PM CDT
Name: jenessa
From: cranston RI
Email: N/A

I have recently moved down here and was interested in cheering. see you guys at tryouts!!!!!!!!

Can't wait to meet you !!

iconDate: 05/18/2015, 03:31:54 PM CDT
Name: emma
From: providence
Email: emma

hi, I am 13 years and looking for somewhere to cheer. I have my full and wanted to know what level I would be on. also, the cost and location.

Come to our OPEN GYM.. we can give you all information there !! Wednesday 6:30-8 at our Providence location! Hope to see you there !

iconDate: 05/12/2015, 09:37:17 PM CDT
Name: Kyla
From: RI
Email: Kyla

I'm thinking about joining the team, but I have one question. If you have no experience will you still try out/ be evaluated?

Yes just for placement! You will make a team, we will just be able to place you appropriately.

iconDate: 03/31/2015, 11:15:20 PM CDT
Name: Envy Richardson
From: providence ri
Email: Envy Richardson

When are tryouts because I want to sign up! :)

The flier is on the front page!! See you there !!   

iconDate: 03/30/2015, 09:01:01 AM CDT
Name: Dawn
From: Uxbridge MA
Email: Dawn

Interested to know when your next try outs are? My daughter is interested in your team.

Hello !! Thank you for your interest in Superior Cheer!! We will be having Open House/Sign Ups Mid May!  I will email you details. 

iconDate: 11/11/2014, 09:36:45 AM CST
Name: india caro
From: Woonsocket RI
Email: india caro

I was in superior cheer and I am going back can't wait I love superior cheer and I love all my coaches


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